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Wednesday 20 September 2023


The Empire troops in Toronto knew that the loss of nearby Oshawa would be followed by the Americans launching an even greater force against them. The garrison had done all that they could to fortify the city, now they just had to wait.

The American army was large, twenty-five military units had been ordered to participate in this coming battle, which would involve a coordinated attack on four sides. Their forces were divided into the Detroit Division, Siege Howitzer Park, Light Division, Grand Division, and the Lake Ontario flotilla.

The Empire Garrison comprised thirteen military units divided into the Western Division, Shore Battery & Gunboat, Northern Division, Mileham's Howitzer, and Eastern Division. They were outnumbered almost two to one, and three of the battalions were embodied militia. However, they were able to match the Americans in siege guns.

                                              Mileham's Howitzer

The American Siege Howitzer


As dawn began to light up the sky, Empire observers noted that the American flotilla was no longer in view. Quite where it was, no one knew, but it was assumed it would return. At 7am a tremendous explosion occurred in the north of the city, no casualties or fire but an empty civilian house was largely levelled. This must have involved a very powerful howitzer! Empire observers now reported large movements of enemy troops on three sides of the city. 


The Empire and United States lookouts attempted to judge each others positions as the Sun rose.

The Americans noted that the approaches to the city were totally devoid of cover, and not by nature's hand. MOVE ONE. The Garrison guns opened up inflicting a casualty MOVE TWO. Both sides attempted to knock out their opponents artillery. WOW! A D6 is a hit on an American siege gun, granting another dice throw, it's another D6, the gun is knocked out! Mileham's howitzer also fired a shell but fell well short (testing its range?). MOVE THREE. The command is given for the Americans to advance. No artillery hits. MOVE FOUR The American battery retaliated with a D5 from each of its guns. Saving throws for the redoubt failed, two gunners went down. But Mileham's howitzer now declared its revenge, D6, a hit on an American gun, followed by a D4. (This would normally take out one figure.... but this 'super siege' weapon can claim two casualties.) MOVE FIVE. Casualties on the American battery crews were so high their mounted officer decided to help man one. The survivors from the destroyed gun would have been very useful, but they disappeared (D1) after their gun exploded. MOVE SIX. With two more gunners going down, and now at half strength, the survivors routed. This obliged a test on the neighbouring unit, D6, they held, which is just as well, it was the American command headquarters! 
MOVE SEVEN. Although the Empire guns had successfully silenced their opposition, it allowed large numbers of infantry to cross the open ground with few casualties, and there were a lot of them! Mileham's howitzer did its job, hitting some light cavalry. Forced to test their morale, they held (D6) but at half strength could not advance further. MOVE EIGHT witnessed some small arms fire and casualties, mainly on the Americans. They had no cover! 
MOVE NINE. The American assault suffered heavily but continued to advance. As the redoubt gun crews were approaching half strength, their officer ordered them to remove the gun chambers and retire, making space for the infantry. A bloody melee now took place on the redoubt, with neither side breaking. Another American regiment engaged in small arms fire with a battalion of militia in a house, would the militia stand?
MOVE TEN. IT'S ALL OVER!!!! The second round of melee on the redoubt broke the attackers, and at half strength they failed their morale. The panic then spread along the entire line, when you throw D2, D1, D1, D1 for each battalion....... it is surely fate? 
Although the Americans suffered very heavy casualties, only three military units were neutralised. Had the Empire possessed cavalry to pursue the defeated another three units plus artillery pieces would have been easily neutralised. Still, the Western Division might be able to support the Northern Division, which is suffering casualties from the American (Super) siege howitzer. By the way, the finale shot came from Mileham's howitzer on those seeking to vacate the field, it was a perfect D6 (two casualties).
A box of ACW figures kindly donated by Paul Watson!


  1. What a magnificent battle Michael! Your artillery pieces look so imposing, especially Mileham's Howitzer! Your variety of uniforms is dazzling, and then they all spring into life with a very exciting battle! Really marvelous, all of your hard work has paid off with this excellent result!

    1. Most kind, Brad. For me, a war-game has no value if it doesn't provide a colourful spectacle. When I look back on games it will be with my photos, the result of the game is forgotten. When I was active in gaming clubs, I soon realised competitive gaming and heavy rules had little interest to me, only the attractive game pieces and terrain is still remembered.

  2. Hello Michael what wonderful games with toy soldier armies!!! Just been reading up all the wonderful posts I missed. Love the German gunboats!!!
    Thank you for sharing
    Best wishes-Quinn

    1. Thank you, Quinn. I'm having a fun time playing through these campaign moves. About to upload the latest. When the Toronto games are concluded, will then move on to some games with different collections Regards..