SPECIAL THANKS. I would like to thank Paul Watson for his sponsorship of several lead figure collections on this blog. Having decided to clear his spare/surplus figures, he generously forwarded them on with no other requirement than they deserved to be restored. I would also like to mention George S. Mills, who kindly furnished a quantity of metal and plastic figures which allowed me to complete another five or six military units, serving in several collections.

Thursday, 23 December 2021

The Battle for St.Augustine, Part TWO

Both sides had used the break in the battle to reassess their positions and defences. Houses had been fortified, artillery pieces repositioned. 

MOVE ONE and TWO. Both sides opened up, hoping their fortifications would provide suitable cover. MOVE THREE saw heavy casualties on the NG battalion holding one side of a key street. By MOVE FOUR the Americans had suffered nine casualties to Spanish losses of five, it was not looking good. Although the Americans slightly outnumbered the Spanish in infantry it was noted that twenty figures belonged to regiments which were approaching half strength, while the Spanish regiments were still combat strong and in 'declared' positions, which would help in any morale tests. MOVE SIX. a truce was agreed, the American troops withdrew from the suburbs, out of artillery range. However, St. Augustine is still officially besieged.


Saturday, 18 December 2021


Have mentioned before how Paul Watson sponsored my move into 54mm metal figures. In clearing more of his spares, he has just donated another very large box of castings. His only request being, as before, they deserved to be restored. Paul was actually visiting my home town, to see an old friend who is not doing very well, and was keen to see him one more time. So it also provided an opportunity to deliver the above mentioned box.

As discussed with Paul, I feel its only right that I should send a donation to a worthy cause. He has approved of this action, refusing to take anything for himself. In fact, I've decided to give to both a Cancer charity, and also a company that supports Free Speech.

For the record, here are photos of the new arrivals. Lots of projects here, looking forward to starting on the restoration work. 

PHOTO ONE, WW2, new castings, hard metal, don't know much about these but they are marked HONG KONG and vary in scale from 48 to 55mm. Some nice clean castings.


PHOTO TWO, mainly WW1 and colonials, lead.

PHOTO THREE, French, and WW1 and WW2, lead.
PHOTO FOUR, Royal Navy and World Wars.
PHOTO FIVE, as above.
PHOTO SIX, traditional British Army lead, plus others.
PHOTO SEVEN, Alymer ACW Hospital Set (good condition, will be used as they are in my Dominion Campaign).
PHOTO EIGHT, Britains furniture, interesting!
PHOTO NINE, a battery of Navy Guns, to be restored, unless severely broken.

Friday, 17 December 2021


Decided to utilise a number of broken lead toy soldiers in my spares box. I didn't really need another British line regiment but the idea of augmenting my naval forces was appealing. The Peking marine's uniform c.1900 has appeared in a number of plates, and there are some photographs too. As I already have a red coated marine battalion having one in blue was a nice addition. With many castings lacking heads, I was able to use some home-cast Scots glengarries, while old lead railings, drilled into the broken gunstocks,  solved the other issue. (My thanks to Paul Watson for kindly sending some of those drafted into this unit.)


I'm clearly not the first to consider doing this!

Wednesday, 15 December 2021

The Expedition Against St.Augustine (WARGAME part1)

With the Spanish occupation of key townships in Florida, the state government had moved to Georgia. In December, the Americans had mustered a very large force for an expedition against St. Augustine. The Spanish intelligence agency was fully aware (D5) and requested help from Cuba, and the French West Indies. The former was unable to help (D2), but the French promised some assistance as their fleet was in the area (D5).


I allowed the Spanish to field all the infantry/artillery in my collection. The Americans were granted three dice to provide the number of units participating on the expedition. Fifteen units.

MOVE 1.The American army approached the suburbs. The Spanish artillery opened up, inflicting some casualties. But the two heavy US howitzers held their own, two D6s on Fort San Marcos, inflicting casualties with no saving throws. MOVE 2, one Spanish medium gun is hit twice, one inflicts a casualty but the other destroyed the carriage! Shock, the French arrive, three rowboats disembark two medium guns and twelve marines. It is noticeable that the Spanish and French are fortifying key buildings, as strongpoints.

MOVE 3, the Americans continue to advance. French artillery suffer a casualty while trying to deploy their guns. The US howitzers continue to hit the fort guns.

MOVE 4, the artillery have been most effective, but crew casualties are beginning to tell. French marines secure a house and open up on the American irregulars, their morale breaks, and they run. 

MOVE 5, US Marines advance on a key house, although they lose the melee their morale holds, while the Spanish are also forced to test their morale because they are under 50%, and they surrender. On the Spanish right, having scattered the irregulars, two battalions advance on the American left. The French, fearful of losing their artillery decide to withdraw. A contingent of Americans on their right wing causes the Spanish to also withdraw for fear of being outflanked. 
This concluded the first day of the battle. Both sides will use nightfall to reassess their positions. Losses so far are 18 Americans, with a further 12 routing. The Allies have lost 16, with three more captured.

Monday, 13 December 2021

French versus Americans (Dominion fictional wargame)

After the capture of Louisiana, the French found themselves bottled up in the city, with several American armies encamped to the north, opposing all further movements. In December the French received reinforcements and decided this was an opportunity to secure further territory. It appears both sides were keen to engage in something more than a skirmish.

Overview of the battlefield

MOVE 1.The armies approach each other.
MOVE 2, the armoured cars and artillery came into range of each other, the US having some success on the French AC. MOVE 3 saw light troops engage in a melee inside the yellow house. MOVE 4 Artillery fire dominated this move. MOVE 5 US score a D6 on the French AC, followed by another D6, and then a D5 this equated to the destruction of the turret. But the French artillery had pounded the US battery, and they were silenced. However, the French Zouaves fled the yellow house, it was now under US control. MOVE 6 a battalion of French marines advanced and opened fire on the yellow house.

MOVE 7 and 8, the US armoured car overran a French machine gun section, and its turret gun was also causing real problems. A neighbouring French battalion routed and was pursued by the US armoured car. The French artillery eliminated a cavalry unit. MOVE 9, the French commander sent word he was willing to retire, the US commander (D5) demanded a full surrender. This was not accepted. MOVE 10, on their THIRD attempt the French marines charged the house, some Americans were captured. MOVE 11, at this point something unforeseen occurred, the loss of the house obliged a morale check on a nearby US battalion, they scored a D1 and routed!. MOVE 12, the US commander sent word he was willing to allow the French to retire, the French commander now declined his offer. It was finally agreed that both sides should retire, it was a draw. (NB. From a campaign point of view this will be considered an American victory as the French remain bottled up in the city of Louisiana, and had also suffered heavier casualties.)


Sunday, 12 December 2021

The Attack on Winnipeg (Dominion fictional wargame)

After the successful defence of Toronto the Dominion War had largely gone quite, both sides fairly secure in their positions. But in December prominent gentlemen in Minneapolis devised a plan for a surprise Winter expedition to capture Winnipeg, a risky business but a generous bounty brought in the recruits.

The Americans were allowed to throw a dice for the number of units participating on this expedition. The Canadians were allowed to throw two dice, for the number of firing sections (three figures) that could be mustered as defenders. An additional dice confirmed that the Canadian commander was fully abreast of this expedition and all movements towards Winnipeg. The settlement was placed on a war footing, and requests for assistance were sent to other Empire garrisons. Unfortunately for the garrison, (Dice) no forces were available. 


Dice determined the Americans would attack on both sides of the river, and it also deployed the units. The Empire commander was permitted to distribute his forces as he wished, and for charitable reasons declined to 'fire' local properties, although all provisions were removed. The garrison guns were (Dice) both heavy, as was the American gun. (My guns are divided into Light, Medium, Heavy, Siege, Super.)
The US army advanced on the Upper fort, with all infantry redeployed as skirmishers. The Empire guns opened up inflicting a casualty on the Irregulars, and a civilian limber rider. The Irregulars panicked and ran!
A US officer rallied the Irregulars. The other troops advanced. The American gun opened up to no effect D1. An Empire gun returned fire D6, a hit, throw another dice to see what it did, D6 the gun is knocked out, what about the gun crew? D6 the four gun crew are killed in the explosion! The neighbouring NG battalion was obliged to test its morale having witnessed this disaster, D2 it routs. The Irregulars having witnessed the NG battalion test their morale, D2 they rout. This could be the quickest game I have ever played!!!!!!!!
US Commander obliged to decide what to do, with 50% of his army routing or casualties. Decided to hold his position on the right side of the river D3, but now under artillery fire.
The routing NG battalion was rallied, but the Irregulars had gone. There return however allowed a renew of the general assault.
MOVE 5 and 6
Further losses as they advanced.
The US commander ordered his cavalry to charge the redoubt. They succeed with heavy losses, and in the melee knock out an artillery crew. But in their turn are taken out by the Empire infantry. 
In the subsequent melee the outnumbered Empire troops are beaten, and the infantry rout. One surviving artilleryman surrenders. I think the game is over!
MOVE 9 and 10
No, the garrison commander from Lower Fort Garry just makes it to rally the fleeing garrison, and with his own gentlemen volunteers they return to Upper Fort Garry. No attempting to storm the works, they use their numbers to take down any heads appearing above the parapet. And it works, despite needing a six for a hit, the enemy fire is largely silenced, needing at least three figures to return fire. One NG battalion having declined to enter the fort due to 50% casualties (may fire but no advancing).
Terms are agreed, the US troops are allowed to depart unmolested, with provisions for their return trip.