SPECIAL THANKS. I would like to thank Paul Watson for his sponsorship of several lead figure collections on this blog. Having decided to clear his spare/surplus figures, he generously forwarded them on with no other requirement than they deserved to be restored. I would also like to mention George S. Mills, who kindly furnished a quantity of metal and plastic figures which allowed me to complete another five or six military units, serving in several collections.

Friday, 4 December 2020


Arrived today was a Britains WW1 Gun, code no.1201. This gun did cost a bit because of the postage, £9.10, but I was keen to get it. Its the pre-1940 made design, and was recommended to work with their no.1479 ammunition trailer. Both items are in good condition, perhaps needing a clean. The original green paint is almost black. No plans to paint strip any of these items.

Among the naval figures sent by Paul Watson was a solid lead West Point Cadet, presenting arms. I decided to convert this figure and mix with some of my home-castings so as to recreate the Maryland State Artillery c.1880. I think their grey uniforms are an interesting addition to the collection.

The first of the plastic guardsmen previously mentioned has been converted and painted, it has been drafted into my New York Gatling Gun crew (three figures look better). I can't be the only one to think their uniform looks rather British.



  1. Who makes the Gatling gun , haven't come across one before

    1. Tony, its a bit large in scale but looks fine with the '54mm Traditional Toy' look. Its actually a Spanish or Chinese made pencil sharpener, made of bronze. Can't claim to be the first to use them, Timothy Hall has a large collection of 54mm and had a couple long before me. They do still crop up on Ebay, normally for about £5 plus postage..... and they are sturdy!

  2. See W. Britains Artillery for more posts.