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Sunday, 20 December 2020

LANCERS, not suitable

Change of plan, I recently picked up some AIP lancers. My intension was to use these in my Ruritanian armies. Unfortunately, I find their scale, particularly the horses, far too large for my 54mm collections. Its particularly noticeable with my Ruritanian soldiers as they comprise a mixture of plastic and metal figures chosen because they were more like 52mm in scale. I would suggest the IAP lancers, which are nice models, look more like 56mm in comparison, and I just don't think it works. Will probably move these lancers on. Here are two photos for comparison. The first shows a lancer behind(!) Ruritanian infantry. The second shows a lancer compared to a Britains 17th Lancer.



  1. Totally agree. Nice figures but they aren't just taller, they make the old Britain's look like skinny 8 yr old kids with broomsticks for rifles. No respect for their elders at all!

    They also take up 4x the table space per figure. When I got a decent sized start on a collection of old Britain's plus some moulds, I had to choose, so... my AIP armies moved on.

  2. Thank you Ross, I could just about accept a personality figure, but units of cavalry would undermine the toy soldier look which I'm so keen to maintain. Its rather strange that AIP and some others did not seek to be fairly compatible with classic toys. I understand the detail and casting has improved, but the size, particularly with the horses, leads me to think it was a policy to make them distinct. Oh well, lesson learnt.