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Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Battle of Toronto (Dominion wargame PT.2)

During the night both sides had used their time well to reconstitute and distribute their forces. The Empire had been able to restore an artillery crew by drafting from other gun crews, and all the strongest battalions now took up post in the key redoubts. A battalion of armed civilians took post in a prominent house just outside the city. The Americans had moved all their troops to their foremost positions, and four guns were fully manned. They had also successfully rallied a NG battalion, a useful nine figures. 

Here were the new positions.

The second day of the battle commenced with a full-on advance on the city. In the following moves the casualties were heavy on both sides. Two cavalry regiments gallantly charged a redoubt, although both were wiped out they did inflict a fair number of casualties. The crew manning the central siege gun were taken out by American shells. But in move FOUR the American rightwing staggered to a halt, and in move FIVE, after a second round of melee, the American central assault collapsed, panic spreading to the reserve battalion. (The Canadian troops were so close to breaking too, having lost the first round of melee and no hope of taking on the American reserve battalion, this would have decided the outcome!) Unable to move forward, the American commander sent a message requesting leave to retire his troops with their wounded. As the garrison was in no position to counter attack, it was agreed. 

EMPIRE Losses 31 (109 total)

City of Toronto Defence Council 6

Royal Canadian Artillery 'A Battery' 10 (-4)

Royal Canadian Artillery 'B Battery' 2 (-2)

Royal Artillery 4 (-1)

Royal Canadian Grenadiers 8 (-2)

Royal Scots of Canada 12 (-6)

7th Battalion (Canadian) Fusiliers 8 (-4)

Northumberland (British) Fusiliers 4 (-4)

Calgary Rifles 4

London Irish Rifles 6 (-1)

Lorne Scots (Canadian) 4

Governor's Horse Guards dismounted 4 (-1)

Royal Regiment of Canadian Infantry 12 (-6)

Embodied United Empire Loyalists 12

Machine Gun crew and guards 4

Hospital personnel 9

                                        UNITED STATES Losses 52 (145 total)

US Staff 5

Infantry Regiment 12 (-6)

Infantry Regiment 12 (-3)

Cavalry Regiment 4

US Marines 12

US Signals 3

Heavy Artillery Regiment 9 (-4)

Light Artillery Regiment 9 (-5, and -4 reprimanded)

West Point Provisional Battalion 12 (-1)

NG Artillery Troop 3 (-1)

NG Artillery Troop 3 (-2)

NG Artillery Troop 3 (-3)

NYNG Battalion 8 (-4)

NYNG Battalion 12 (-6)

Michigan NG Battalion 8 (-4)

NG Provisional Battalion 8 (-4)

NYNG skirmishers 4

NYNG Hussars 4 (-4)

NG Provisional Cavalry 4 (-4)

NG Provisional Battalion 10 (-1)

DOMINION CAMPAIGN NEWS. At the conclusion of this battle I compiled six scenarios, from 1. the Americans withdraw from Eastern Ontario, to 6. the Americans respond by raising a second army and attack Toronto again. The dice score of D2 provided for a lifting of the siege and an American withdrawal to London (thats in Ontario, lol). 

Honestly, I know this will look like some scheming has been going on, Today, Day 3, I decided to do the same for the garrison, from 1, they receive a letter of congratulations from the Queen, to 6, a supply column arrives in the city with 48 reinforcements and a letter from the Queen. I threw a D6. MGB


  1. Another wonderful battle report Michael! Your diversity of troops as shown in the casualty reports is mind blowing! Exceptionally well done!

    1. Thank you Brad, the provisional units with the Americans are NG's from all over the States, I listed them as such as it seamed odd to have Californians serving in Ontario. More likely, they would protect the west coast, or invade British Columbia. Some of the Canadian units are British equivalents, de facto the same uniforms, but four are truly represented, the RSofC, Calgary, RCGrens, Governor'sHG, and I should mention the arrival of the NWFPolice.

  2. Two superb games with interesting events taking place!

    1. Cheers George, part of me wants to play another game in the Dominion campaign, but another part wants to have a go with Ruritania, or Zubrowka as it will be the first time these figures have been utilised. This last game was a lot of fun, it worked like a good book!

    2. I would personally favour the latter.

    3. Hi George, busy house decorating and gardening, but I hope to return to my wargaming soon. Just done an inventory of all my spare figures. totalled 104. Most are now primed and ready for painting, but expecting some spares to arrive to complete a few. The only new purchases now will be useful extras for scenarios, no need for more battalions.

  3. Splendidly shiny, a treat for the eyes!

    1. Thank you Mark, I just seem to enjoy using my 54mm toy soldiers these days, my 28mm are just staying in the cabinets. Could be an age thing.